Weaving a series of impressive mobile solutions, LXL PRO's APP DEVELOPMENT services facilitate an unmatched combination of cutting-edge technology and industry-relevance. We guarantee a mobile environment that encourages empowered application development, which is compatible with diverse platforms.


Giving your web-based business an adrenaline shot of relevance, LXL PRO's WEB DEVELOPMENT services intend to create a service cannon that perches you several steps ahead of your fastest peers. Focus is delivered on every aspect of the development process and we continually strive to keep our products qualitatively rich.

In recent years, the UK has made significant moves the improve the transition from paper, to magazines, to web and now apps. We consistently create high quality, robust, high performance websites and applications. This helps push businesses past competitors using the latest trends and technologies.

The tech industry is a continuous growing market with millions of e-commerce stores being launch yearly. We have put together a compelling team to help design and develop the best storefront suite which is suitable for start-ups or commercial businesses. Additional packages which include app and mobile development is available which includes enhanced e-commerce features, to allow us to deploy complete enterprise level e-commerce solutions at a significant lower cost. Designed to grow your business, our packages come with all the tools needed to fast track an e-commerce business.

As the storefront, most integrations are pre-configured, sites are then much swifter and quicker as well being cost effective to launch with additional extras.

In the early 2000’s it became apparent that e-commerce requirements were becoming more sophisticated and, in the UK, mid-market required a flexible, easily integrated e-commerce software solution that can handle Retail, B2B and information websites.

We are a UK based company specialising in designing, developing and supporting UK and international ecommerce solutions. In the early 2000's it became apparent that ecommerce requirements were becoming more sophisticated and the UK mid-market lacked a flexible, easily integrated ecommerce software solution that could handle any mix of Retail, B2B and Information websites.

This led to the development of LXL PRO. This ecommerce platform is now a sophisticated and scalable platform with which many successful businesses have based their online growth.

We combine the flexibility and vitality of a small company with strong recurring proceeds and an excellent financial position. We provide quality ecommerce services at competitive rates allowing us to grow market share which in turn allows us to continually invest in staff, technology and services. The business has vast potential to grow, with considered investment and a stable management team, we entirely focus on continual innovation.